A yeast-derived sustainable alternative to silk amino acids


Vegan, moisturising, sustainable

INCI name: 

Aqua & Yeast Amino Acids

Also contains: 

Natural Antimicrobial: Lactobacillus ferment


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VegeaSilk is produced from the yeast Sachhromyces cerevisiae cultured under special
conditions that produce proteins rich in serine, alanine and glycine. These proteins are then carefully hydrolysed to obtain an amino acid profile that closely mimics the function of traditionally used silk amino acids. The process avoids the use of animal-derived ingredients (unlike silk production) and is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

A comparative study between VegeaSilk and a control (Hydrolsyed Silk derived from silk worms) shows that both materials provide a similar hydrating activity on hair.

- A vegan alternative: promote the comfort, elegance and sensuousness of silk
- Effective moisturising agent
- Film-former
- VegeaSilk can be used in skin, body and hair care formulations