Patented synthetic tripeptide.


Multifunctional global anti-aging

INCI name: 

Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate


  • DSM

Syn-Star™ is unique in both its mode of action and its ability to combat both wrinkles and shine on mature skin. Tests demonstrate that it is also effective on various skin tones, making it ideal for global mature skin care markets.

Unique product features:

  •  Synthetic tripeptide with mol weight below 500 Da
  •  PLOD3 enabler and DPP4 modulator
  •  Safe for topical applications
  •  Glycerin-based solution without additional preservatives


  •  Multifunctional global anti-ageing
  •  Visibly reduce shine look
  •  Improve skin smoothness and make skin more beautiful

Cosmetic applications:

  •  Global anti-ageing cream and serum
  •  Skin beauty maximizer mask

Suggested concentration between 1-4%