Natpure COL Food Dyes (range)


Natural food dyes


Natural oil and water soluble dyes

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Natpure COL is a new range of natural oil and water soluble dyes to extend their range of Natpure natural pigments, thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilisers. Water soluble dyes:

 Natpure COL Brown LC816 - INCI name Caramel. A water soluble Caramel powder obtained by the controlled heat treatment of glucose in presence of ammonium compounds.

Natpure COL Brown LC 817 - INCI name Caramel. A Caramel obtained by controlled heat treatment of saccharose. ECOCERT compliant & Cosmos certified. 

Natpure COL Green LC717 - INCI name CI 75810. Copper chlorophyllin obtained by extraction of green plants, saponifaction, coppering and precipitation as sodium salt. Cosmos certified.

Natpure COL Red LC313 - INCI name Beta Vulgaris & Maltodextrin & Citric acid. Beetroot red obtained by pressing the roots of natural red beets, concentrated and spray dried on a carrier.   ECOCERT compliant.

Natpure COL Orange LC 217 - INCI name CI 75130 & Starch & Tocopherol. Microcrystallin B-Carotene obtained from the fungus Blakeslea Trispora and spray-dried on a food starch A water soluble natural colour.   ECOCERT compliant.

Natpure COL Yellow LC112 - INCI name CI 75300. Curcumin obtained by extraction of ground rhizomes of natural Curcuma Longa L. and subsequent purification of the obtained turmeric oleoresin.     ECOCERT compliant.


Natpure COL Orange LC 214L - INCI name Annatto. An oil soluble natural colour.    ECOCERT compliant.