Natpure® Xtra Eternity


Highly concentrated botanical actives powered by PhytoClean™ process for clean label formulations and enhanced biological activity

INCI name: 

Theobroma cocoa (cacao) extract


  • Sensient

The Natpure® Xtra range of botanical actives from Sensient are obtained using the patented PhytoClean™process and have been selected to meet market demand for traceable, safe and standardised extracts for the formulation of clean cosmetic products.

The PhytoClean™ process uses sub-critical water, altering the polarity of water to mimic solvent polarities such as ethanol and acetone. This yields efficient extraction of a broad range of biologically active metabolites with no co-solvent use and limited energy consumption.

Natpure® Xtra Eternity is one of four extracts currently in the range and is harvested from Criollo cocoa beans from a "Fair-for life" farm in central Uganda having an alkaline soil and a specific microclimate for a unique extract composition. The sustainable extraction method is then used which limits energy consumption.

Natpure® Xtra Eternity has high levels of Theobromine, Caffeine and Epicatechin.These compounds strengthen the cutaneous defenses against UV oxidative stress, a major cause of skin ageing.

Natpure® Xtra Eternity Strengthens the natural defenses to against skin ageing. Hydrates skin while reducing the visibility of wrinkles and increasing the firmness and elasticity of skin.


  • Patented "green" extraction process
  • Ethically sourced biomass
  • Natural
  • Wide global acceptance
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Soothes skin
  • Firms skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Strengthens the epidermis barrier

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