Self tanning active


Use in combination with DHA for fast results; homeogenous skin tone and long lasting colour

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  • DSM

ERYTHRULOSE is a natural keto-sugar which reacts with free primary or second amino groups (“Maillard reaction”) in the upper layers of the epidermis. Melanoidins are high molecular weight polymers that are formed by this conversion of ERYTHRULOSE with amino acids, peptides or proteins. Melanoidins are bound to proteins of the stratum corneum mainly via lysine side-chains, their colour is comparable to the appearance of natural sun tan. 

Erythrulose is more stable and has lower reactivity with the proteins in the skin compared to DHA. Although this reduced reactivity is often presumed as a disadvantage, it is indeed an evident benefit. The gentle enduring reaction of Erythrulose protects the skin and leads to a reduced peeling compared with DHA. As a result the tanning of the skin by Erythrulose takes more time but lasts considerably longer. This makes ERYHRULOSE the modern choice of a formulation adjunction for any kind of DHA formulation.

Banish the major customer concerns over fake tanning by combining DHA and ERYTHRULOSE - A proven self tanning active and patented combination from DSM.

10 reasons to use ERYTHRULOSE in combination with DHA:

  1. Homogenous skin tone
  2. Natural and gradual glow
  3. Longer lasting tan
  4. Less streaking
  5. Moisturising
  6. Ease of application
  7. Instant bronze glow
  8. High stability
  9. No bad smell
  10. Quicker drying


ERYTHRULOSE was incorporated into a o/w emulsion at 1.5 % in combination with 3.5 % DHA. The formulation has been compared against a 5% DHA formulation. 8 volunteers participated in the 10 days study.


Combination leads to visibly, better results at the end of the application and even more pronounced 4 days after the last application.