A range of cooling sensates - alternatives to menthol.


Effective Cooling. Low odour (compared to menthol). Multifunctional. Choice of cooling profiles.

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  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Menthol has traditionally been used for many years as a cooling sensate. However, there are a number of disadvantages with menthol, including the strong odour, the potential for irritation, and its relatively short duration of effect.

Coolact® is a range of cooling sensates that can be used as effective alternatives to menthol without the associated disadvantages. There are three grades of Coolact® available; each having a different cooling profile and properties.

Coolact® 10 imparts an excellent cooling sensation with good tenacity and little or no odour. Its cooling sensation lasts longer than that of menthol. It can also be used in conjuction with Hotact® VBE warming sensatetesting has shown that Hotact® VBE can actually help to enhance the cooling sensation of Coolact® 10.

Coolact® 38D is a cooling agent with a profile similar to that of menthol. It has a slight odour and is highly stable. It is also an excellent skin penetration enhancer, and thus useful when used in combination with other sensates to increase their efficacy. Coolact® 38D also has an insect repellent effect.

Coolact® P is highly refined l-Isopulegol. It has a clean, fresh herbaceous note and a cooling profile that is similar to l-Menthol but less intense. 

Coolact® grades may be combined to produce a wide range of sensory properties and profiles.

Note: Manufactured by Takasago. Patented technology (More details on request). Distribution by Vantage. 

Grade Description INCI name
Coolact® 38D Cooling/insect repellent Menthanediol
Coolact® P Cooling with herbal note. Isopulegol
Coolact® 10 Long-lasting cooling Menthoxypropanediol