BiEau® Actif Birch


Active botanical water/essence with succinic acid for antioxidant protection of the skin


Antioxidant, rejuvenating, sustainably sourced & vegan, upcycled

INCI name: 

Betula Alba Juice


  • Active Concepts

BiEau® Actif Birch is one of a number of recently launched ingredients within the BiEau® Actif range from Active Concepts. The range utilizes vital botanical essences sustainably sourced from algae, birch, and mushroom species. Cellular water or plant essence offers the ability to harness a nutritional isotonic solution capable of nourishing the skin and hair in personal care applications.

BiEau® Actif Birch is a vital botanical essence sustainably sourced from Betula alba, designed to encourage an isotonic environment whilst promoting antioxidant protection for the skin. Betula alba, also known as the White Birch, is commonly utilized to optimize skin health and is recognized as an abundant source of nutrients, including succinic acid. Natural acids such as succinic acid are vital components typically involved in cellular metabolism and provide protection against free radical damage. 

The antioxidant efficacy of BiEau® Actif Birch was determined in-vitro (ORAC assay) and was shown to quench free radicals in a dose dependant manner. 

BiEau® Actif Birch can be used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care formulations aimed to nourish and rejuvenate whilst encouraging an isotonic environment beneficial for optimal health of the skin and hair.