Amphisol K


Anionic O/W emulsifier


Emulsifier and stabiliser for sun care and skin care emulsions. Especially suitable for water-resistant products.

INCI name: 

Potassium Cetyl Phosphate


  • DSM

AMPHISOL® K is an anionic oil/water emulsifier and stabilizer for the preparation of skin-care and sun-care products. It is used to prepare cost-effective, homogeneous and stable emulsions over a wide pH range (4–9), but preferably at the pH of the skin (pH 5.5–5.8).

Because it is used at low levels, AMPHISOL® K is well-suited for the development of quality stable water-resistant suncare products.

As well as the intro video below, DSM have also created a wide selection of videos to help explain the key benefits of the product and to provide some formulation tips.

Key benefits and how to overcome some common challenges:

Formulation tips:

DSM introduces AMPHISOL® K, the gold standard in robust emulsification