TILAMAR® QUAT 710, 711


Cationic Conditioning agent


Good wet and dry combing ability

INCI name: 

Aqua, Polyquaternium 7

Also contains: 

Sodium Benzoate


  • DSM

TILAMAR® QUAT 710 and 711 offer a range of molecular weight polyquaternium-7. These cationic conditioners offer skin and hair care benefits for both leave on and rinse off formulations. In formulation polyquaternium 7 offer good clarity and enhances wet and dry combability, suitable for daily use without too much build-up on the hair.

Recommended use level up to 5%

Grade Description
TILAMAR® QUAT 710 Low Molecular weight Polymer
TILAMAR® QUAT 711 Medium Molecular weight Polymer