Increases thickening of the skin and replenishes fine line and wrinkles


Rejuvenation and wound healing properties to firm and restore skin

INCI name: 

Plankton Extract (and) Lecithin


  • Greenaltech

RestoreSKN™ is a blend of lipophilic fractions from green and brown microalgae isolated from extreme oxidative environments, reproduced in closed biotechnology conditions to preserve its natural integrity and encapsulated in liposomes for optimal delivery.

RestoreSKN™ actively promotes the production of collagen and the skin intrinsic growth factors to rejuvenate and restructure aging skin.


  • wound healing benefits (In-Vitro)
  • Increases elasticity by over 40% in 14 days
  • Improves firmness by more than 25% in 4 weeks
Grade Description INCI name
Restore SKN Water soluble preserved with Phenoxyethanol Aqua, Plankton Extract, Lecithin
Restore SKN Powder Water soluble preservative free Plankton Extract, Sucrose, Lecithin, Aqua.