Delays cellular aging by decades


Significantly improves collagen density, dermal thickness and reduces UV-induced protein oxidation

INCI name: 

Asparagus Officinalis (White Asparagus) Stem Extract


  • DSM

Made specifically from Navarra Asparagus officinalis (White Asparagus) extract, REGU®- SCENCE stimulates skin’s own autophagy capabilities (a key cellular detoxifying process), thereby slowing the process of cellular senescence. 

REGU®-SCENCE has been extensively tested in-vitro and in-vivo to demonstrate exceptional skin care benefits that can both help delay signs of skin ageing and help rejuvenate mature skin. 

A summary of these tests include:

  • In vivo: Significantly improves collagen density and dermal thickness
  • Ex vivo: Significantly reduces UV-induced protein oxidation
  • New Ex-vivo data shows a reduction in melanin content after 9 days

REGU®-SCENCE is ideal to prevent skin aging for 25+ and rejuvenating intense care for 40+ age groups. It is also highly recommended for multifunctional beauty care products, such as BB or CC creams.

REGU®-SCENCE is supplied in a convenient liquid form, and has good stability over a relatively wide pH range. It is also Ecocert approved. 

Recent scientific tests on pigmented epidermis equivalents conducted by DSM indicates the efficacy of REGU®-SCENCE at 3% to enhance the appearance of a more even skin tone.