Raspberry CRUSH™


Raspberry Exfoliant


Sustainable, natural and biodegradable alternative to polyethylene beads.

INCI name: 

Rubus Idaeus Seed


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Plants of Rubus idaeus are generally perennials which bear biennial stems (canes) from a perennial root system.  In its first year, a new, unbranched stem (primocane) grows vigorously to its full height of 1.5-2.5 m, bearing large pinnately compound leaves with five or seven leaflets, but usually no flowers.  In its second year (as a floricane), a stem does not grow taller, but produces several side shoots, which bear smaller leaves with three or five leaflets.  The flowers are produced in late spring on short racemes on the tips of these side shoots, each flower about 1cm diameter with five white petals.  The fruit is red, edible and sweet but tart-flavoured, produced in summer or early autumn, in botanical terminology, it is not a berry at all, but an aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets around a central core.

The sustainable process means there is little to no wastage as the raspberry pomace which is the residue from pressing the raspberry for juice production is used to make Raspberry NECTA™  (Raspberry oil) and the Raspberry CRUSH™ .

Grade Description
Raspberry CRUSH Large Particle size 500-800 microns
Raspberry CRUSH Small Particle size 250-500 microns