Multifunctional plant phospholipid from non-GMO soybeans


Emulsifing; Cleansing; Moisturising; Pigment wetting; Enhances delivery of actives

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  • Kemin

Lysofix™ is a truly multifunctional natural emulsifier extracted from non-GMO soybeans. It is manufactured using a patented process generating a single chain phospholipid.

Lysofix™ provides stable emulsification in either hot or cold processing without a thickening effect. It can be used with many preferred thickening agents including xanthan gum and carbomer.

In addition to being an exceptional oil in water emulsifier, it also:

  • Is an excellent pigment wetting agent
  • Is an excellent cleanser (ideal for make-up remover etc)
  • Enhances delivery of actives
  • Improves Moisturization and Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) of Skin

Formulating with Lysofix

Grade Description INCI name
Lysofix™ Liquid

The standard liquid version, water dispersible

Glycerin & Glycine Soya Seed Extract
Lysofix™ Dry

Solid version of Lysofix, dispersible in oil or water.

Glycine Soya Seed Extract