Inutec SL1


Natural emulsifier and emulsion stabiliser


Cold processable, 100% natural, low use level; aids skin feel

INCI name: 

Glycerin & Inulin Lauryl Carbamate


  • CreaChem

Inutec SL1 (previously Inutec SP1) is a non-ionic, polymeric-based surfactant system derived from chicory inulin and dispersed in glycerin. It can be used as an emulsion stabiliser for o/w emulsions, as a dispersant for hydrophobic particles and in the production of foams. Inutec SL1 is:

  • Cost effective - because of its unique structure at the o/w interface, only partial coverage is required and Inutec SL1 is therefore effective at very low levels
  • Acts only on the interface - emulsions and dispersions stay highly fluid
  • Is effective at 'fixing' emulsion stability prodblems
  • Able to enhance the delivery of actives
  • Able to emulsify up to 50-60% oil content in low viscosity systems
  • Effective in the presence of high levels of electrolytes - emulsification of seawater possible
  • Gives stability from coalescence
  • Widely used in suncare to help aid skin feel
  • Makes hair waxes less greasy

A range of example formulations are available to demonstrate Inutec SL1 in products suitable for the mass market.