Crystalwax TL


Oil thickener


For the production of clear lip gloss and to provide melting textures for poured/molded formulations

INCI name: 

Triethylhexyl trimellitate (and) Hydroxystearic acid (and) Ethylhexyl hydroxystearate (and) C-30-45 olefin


  • Sensient

Crystalwax TL is a wax developed to thicken oils. It is used to formulate poured/molded formulations with melting textures and clear compact lipglosses and is used to thicken oils.


  • Provides a melting texture upon application on the skin in poured/molded formulations such as compact lipogloss, foundation, fragrance concretes
  • Allows the formulation of clear solid lipgloss when used in combination with SensiCrystal
  • Deposits a protective and non stick film on the skin
  • Improves the texture of W/O emulsions