Covacryl SP


Electrolyte sensitive thickener


Quick break gels.

INCI name: 

Polyacrylic Acid Cross Polymer


  • Sensient

Covacryl SP forms high viscosity aqueous gels even at very low concentrations (0.2%). These gels are very sensitive to electrolytes resulting in the breeakdown of the gel network when applied to the skin. This particular behaviour is only obtained with a precise concentration of Covacryl SP, comprised between 0.2 and 0.9%. During this quick break effect, the network liberates water from the formulation, leading to a very fresh skin feel.

When it is incorporated into an emulsion, the thick cream turns into a lotion, providing a fresh and pleasant feel while depositing a nice homogeneous emollient feel on the skin. In alkaline conditions at higher concentrations Covacryl SP gives a non stringy clear gel suitable for hair care products.