Akoactive® Horus


The secret of the Pharaohs - divine well-being


A botanical active with nourishing, moisturising, soothing and repairing benefits, devised to pamper sensitive skin

INCI name: 

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride & Moringa oleifera Seed Oil & Nigella sativa Seed Extract


  • Akott Evolution

Akoactive® Horus, the magic Pharaohs "lipoactive", is an ingredient with nourishing, moisturising, soothing and repairing properties, devised to pamper sensitive skin, the way the Egyptian Pharaohs took care of their own divine appearance.

It contains the curative power of Nigella sativa seeds and the emolliency of Moringa seed oil. Nigella sativa is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and also contains phytosterols, vitamins and precious oligoelements. Moringa oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and is extremely stable, whilst providing skin emolliency and nourishment.

Akoactive® Horus is indicated in case of alterations of the skin barrier (dehydration, dermatitis, hypersensitivity) as well as for the cosmetic treatment of skin inflammatory symptoms and skin aging. It can be employed in a wide range of applications such as anti-age products, sun care, hair care, post-depilatory creams, baby products and sensitive skin products.

Product benefits

  • Offers skin moistuirising
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti- oxidant
  • Gentle on sensitive skin