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Multiple Grades

Lipocol® (Range)

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Name INCI name
Lipocol® L-4 Laureth-4
Lipocol® L-12 Laureth-12
Lipocol® L-23 Laureth-23
Lipocol® C-2 Ceteth-2
Lipocol® C-20 Ceteth-20
Lipocol® S-2 Steareth-2
Lipocol® S-20 Steareth-20
Lipocol® S-21 Steareth-21
Lipocol® O-10 Oleth-10
Lipocol® O-20 Oleth-20
Lipocol® SC-20 Ceteareth-20
Lipocol® TD-12 Trideceth-12
Lipocol® HCO-40 PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Lipocol® HCO-60 PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Lipocol® C Cetyl Alcohol
Lipocol® S Stearyl Alcohol
Lipocol® L Lauryl Alcohol
Lipocol® O/95 Oleyl Alcohol
Lipocol® SC Cetearyl Alcohol
Lipocol® CS-604 Cetearyl Alcohol
Description: Fatty Alcohol and Polyoxyethylene Esters
Benefits: Emulsifiers and conditioning agents
INCI name: See data sheet